La Paz Batchoy


I think there is none more quintessential an Ilonggo dish than a steamy , delicious bowl of La Paz batchoy. When you are in Iloilo stop by the town of Lapaz and head out to the Local market and look for the old school Batchoyan’s there.

Batchoy is a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklings, shrimp, vegetables, chicken stock, chicken breast, beef loin and round noodles.[1] Its origins can be traced to the district of La Paz, Iloilo City in the Philippines, hence it is oftentimes referred to as La Paz Batchoy.  – Wikipedia


This is the most essential part of the Batchoy, preparing the right broth, I’m including the traditional way of doing it, it’s up to you to make some of the ingredients optional.

– Beef Shank (With bone in and Marrow)
– Pork neck bones
– Pork Shoulder
– Chicken bones for stock
– Pork Liver (optional but traditional)
– Pork small intestines (optional but traditional)
– fish bagoong (optional but traditional) or crushed shrimp heads
– Garlic minced
– Scallions
– Shallots
– Chicharon
– Miki (Round Egg noodles)
– AJINOMOTO (I would like to say this as optional, but if you want the original taste you have to have it or some substitute sugar with it)


– In a pot brown some garlic and take out
– Sautee the bagoong and shallots
– Add the meat (beef, pork bones, chicken bones etc) and sautee for a bit
– Add water, boil and turn to simmer
– Once the pork shoulder, liver and intestines are done take out from the pot, drain and set aside
– Continue to boil the bones, add fresh garlic, sea salt and msg
* sachi twist: fry or grill the liver insted of boiling and top the noodles with it later

Noodles and toppings
– Cook egg noodles according to packaging, drain and transfer to bowl. In Iloilo the Miki is already cooked so you just rinse it.
– chop the pork shoulder, liver and intestines and top the noodles with it
– Chop some scallions, crush the chicharon and top noodles with it
– add the crunchy browned garlic and pour broth over it. If desired add the bone marrow to your bowl.

Serve piping hot and Enjoy!